I'm a thing that has two sticks underneath, which move me through landscape and put me into motion. Above them is another matter upon which there are another two sticks, sticking out right and left and then there is an orb put on the top of this.

Further on the orb are loads of inputs and outputs. One of them allows me to hear and I've also found out that I can smell objects which are around me.

It's made up pretty well because in that round balloon there are another two balls that enable me to see the world. They are in colour and have lids. In a circular move I can close those lids and stop seeing the world.

As I walked and played in the landscape one day I realised I didn't want to be that thing that has sticks sticking out, an orb on the top of the body and that I didn't want to see and smell always the same.

Situations started to repeat and people started creating constantly the same things. Boredom spreading around my landscape began killing me. So I opened my eyes, exited the system and embarked on doing things differently, without order.

Then I found out that finally I've become a human being.