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This story takes place years ago when we used to go to take photos in Victoria Park.

Marek was great, it was winter and he didn’t mind and calmly went dressed into the freezing pond with a flute so I could take a picture of him.

The swan had it easier.

lucas ross art photograhy conceptual
lucas ross art artwork surreal landscape

Dream and deformation

Imagination and illusion

I use a lot of unusual techniques when processing a photo, one of them is freezing a printed photo.

Well, this is what it looks like when I take it out of the freezer.

lucas ross art artwork frozen photo mixed media
lucas ross art artwork mixed media surreal portrait

Photographic collage using real water.

Bubble trio | Restart (Awakening) | 2021


Collection of portraits

Portrait processing with real feathers.

lucas ross photography feather portrait
lucas ross art glitter portrait

The making of the glitter heads series.

Portrait by the tree.
A somewhat conventional theme.
So I took the task to make it as crazy as possible, but at the same time try to leave the original content. Well, try...
I worked on it for a couple of days, again it filled me up and entertained me, but the form is so expressive (the frenzy has totally taken over) that it distorts the content a lot. Obviously.
It was irresistible...
lucas ross abstract collage art pop art portrait
environmental portrait art lucas ross

The making of

the environmental portraits series.

Processing of the portrait using the black wall paint.

Portrait processing using the wall projector.

lucas ross portrait projector
environmental portrait surreal conceptual art lucas ross

When we lived in East London, there were garages and parking lots all around the neighbourhood, which was largely the content of my photos.

I adapted to the environment.


Then we moved to the outskirts of London, where we live to this day and there are forests and meadows all around.

This environment has also significantly affected my work and for the last 2 years the forest and nature have been my main theme.

The longer I work with this topic and spend more time there, the more I begin to perceive forests and trees as a place full of mystery and fantasy.

The fact is, I don’t blame the garage, I have perceived even these objects as something magical after some time,


If I lived back in South City in Prague, my main content would be the magic panels. (This part of Prague is notorious for its large blocks of flats panel houses.)

All this began (I am aware that it is definitely possible to achieve in another way), when I began to actively engage in visual art, looked at things around me in more depth and developed my imagination.

It is as if the grey parts of daily life were gradually disappearing from my perception of the surroundings.

collage lucas ross art

Dream | Collage | 2019

lucas ross art artwork mixed media

The person on the left hand side is a freethinker individual.
The person on the right hand side is a freethinker individual talking to himself.

lucas ross art creativity

Beetle test :)

You can see more of my work on my instagram: @lucas.ross

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